The benefits of the auction method of marketing.
  • Concentrated marketing time normally 3-6 weeks depending on the type of auction being conducted. This reduces holding costs associated with other forms of marketing.

  • Allows the seller to set the place, date and time to suit his/her schedule, for all interested buyers to come and bid.

  • Highly aggressive marketing program focusing attention on your holdings. Bringing groups of buyers to your auction to competitively bid on your property. Competition among bidders stimulates prices and establishes current fair market values. Since an auction is a public forum where competitive bidding establishes a fair market value, prices can skyrocket. auctions have proven to outperform any other marketing method for whatever you have to sell.

  • Treats all parties in the transaction in a fair and equitable manner. The terms and conditions of the auction are the same for everyone. By auction no one has an unfair advantage.

  • Open and public allowing all qualified bidders to participate. Many attorneys, bankers, accountants and government agencies use the auction method because it is outward, open and public. It eliminates any closed door transactions. The auction method of sale supports a fiduciary's responsibility.

  • Quick, efficient and easy way to convert your personal and real property to cash.

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